Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed Shiplap
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Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed Shiplap

£893.99 (inc VAT)

Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed Shiplap

This Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed is the perfect garden storage solution. With shiplap cladding, it is durable and weatherproof. The Large opening windows can be positioned in six locations, so you can customize the shed to your needs. The double doors make it easy to access your belongings, and the pressure treatment means that the shed will last for years to come. The optional adjustable shed base ensures that the shed is level and stable. This shed is the perfect way to keep your garden organized and tidy.

Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed Shiplap Garden Storage

Wooden 7×7 Apex Shed Shiplap Garden Storage with large opening window is the latest in garden shed storage designs. This particular shed boasts a 7×7 apex design with shiplap exterior cladding, making it ideal for those who want a durable and long-lasting shed that will provide years of reliable service. The tongue & groove flooring gives the shed an extra level of stability and strength, while the horticultural glass window allows natural light to enter the shed whilst still providing a high level of security. The modular and interchangeable side panels make it easy to add or remove sections as required, whilst the heavy-duty green mineralized roofing felt ensures that the shed is protected from the elements. Whether you’re looking for a shed to store garden tools and equipment.

Quality built shed in the UK

This 7’x7′ garden shed can maximize your storage space in a small to medium sized garden. This popular shed has been manufactured in the UK from sustainable forests.

The Alderney is a quality built apex shiplap shed with an aesthetic appearance in the garden.


  • 12mm Tongue & groove shiplap exterior cladding
  • Constructed using 34x34mm standard framing
  • Tongue & groove floor with a solid sheet roof
  • Modular, interchangeable side panels
  • Single opening window with horticultural glass
  • Heavy-duty green mineralized roofing felt