Our impressive summerhouse collection aims to add practicality and style to your garden. They come in more styles and designs and can match traditional and contemporary decor. It is only a matter of personal preferences only. Explore our range and find something suitable for your garden. Measure the available space first, and keep in mind that each of our designs is available in at least a few different sizes. Shapes are just as diversified. You can opt for a classic square or rectangular design, but you can also go for a more attractive hexagon design to give example.

Similar to our log cabin range, our summerhouses have multifunction uses. They make great wooden sheds during the cold season, but you can also use them to store garden furniture when the weather is bad. You should put your stamp on the available designs in terms of style and appearance. Most of them are finished with stain, meaning the natural veneers and wood grains are visible in a stylish manner.

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Summer Houses For Sale

A summer house is a significant investment. Browse our wide range of summer houses for sale to find the best match for your garden. Depending on the size and use, we cover all areas, so rest assured you will find what you need. Contact our team if you require any help deciding which size and style to choose from.

What are the main benefits of a Garden Summerhouse?

A summerhouse can offer many advantages, here are some of the main benefits:

Extra living space: Extra usable space from your home can provide an area to kick back and relax or even a place to work away from any distractions. Escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the comfort of your own garden.

Increased property value: Adding an attractive feature to your garden will increase the look and appeal to buyers if you are planning to sell in future. Any extra room away from the house will appeal to many and is an excellent addition to any garden.

Come together with nature: Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air and listening to the birds chirping can do wonders for your mind and body. 

A place for entertainment: If you have guests over frequently, why not have a designated place to kick back and relax, get the barbecue going or set up a pool table. A summerhouse can create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family.

Customise to your liking: When it comes to summerhouses, the possibilities are endless. You can choose the right fit for your taste, whether modern or contemporary. Layout the interior decor however you see fit.

It is important to check local regulations or permits before installing a summerhouse. Check with your local area before committing to any plans.

What are the main uses of summerhouses?

Garden summerhouses have many uses, it all depends on your personal preference. Here are some of the main uses of garden summerhouses:

Playroom for the kids: Summerhouses offer a separate space for kids to play, create and have fun. Or even for teenagers to relax, hang out with friends, study for upcoming exams or work on their beloved hobbies.

Outside storage: A summerhouse can come in handy to declutter your home. Offering a space to store equipment, bikes or items used only a few times a year can help keep your garden neat and organised and your home too.

Outside fitness area: If exercising is an essential part of your life, summerhouses can provide a dedicated space for fitness activities in the comfort of your home. Set up your weights, running machine or any other fitness equipment instead of storing it in a cupboard and getting it out when needed.

Outside bar and snooker room: One of the most popular uses of garden summerhouses is an outside bar and snooker room. Set up a dart board, snooker table and a bar for endless fun with friends and family.

What treatment options are there for summerhouses?

It is best to treat your summerhouse to ensure it is protected, holds its beauty and stands the test of time. These are the most common treatment options:

Paint or Stain: Painting or staining the outside of your summerhouse will increase protection and its overall look. High-quality satin wood stains or paints will help withstand weather conditions. 

Roof Treatment: The roof of a summerhouse bares most of the brunt when it comes to rainfall and sunlight. Applying a roof seal can give your summerhouse a more extended life space and protect it against any damages and harsh weather. 

Cleaning and maintenance: A routine cleaning goes a long way in maintaining a garden shed’s appearance and life span. Removing any dirt built up, old or debris and wiping it over with mild detergent and warm water can make all the difference.

Wood preservatives: Most, if not all, garden summerhouses are made of wood, and preserving the wood can extend its life span. Treatments such as Ronseal can help protect the wood from rotting or any damage caused by insects. 

The treatments may vary depending on the materials used for our range of summerhouses. Contact a member of our team for further information to ensure you choose the proper treatment.

What size options are there to choose from?

Here at Aston Sheds, we offer a wide range of summerhouse styles and sizes. Here are some of the sizes we offer:

Small: Small summerhouses are usually sized around 6ft x 6ft or 7ft x 5ft for a smaller garden but still offer a cosy and stylish addition to your garden.

Medium: The usual size for a medium sizes summerhouse is 8ft x 8ft or 10ft x 8ft, a perfect choice for a space for hobbies or an escape from home.

Large: For a more spacious option, our large summerhouses range from 12ft x 10ft to 14ft x 12ft. Perfect for adding furniture or a place for guests and parties.

Our range of Summerhouses provides all the details needed for choosing the right match for your home. Dimensions and floor plans are available, but if you require any further information, get in touch with our team.