Wooden Sheds

Looking for handy outdoor furniture and convenient spaces to stock your home equipment? Check out our exclusive range of wooden sheds for the best options. These compact utilities are a perfect fit for your broadest storage needs. You can store your tools, sports gear, and garden equipment in one place. We extend a wide variety of designs and styles for you to explore. Select from our small and large or single and double-door wooden shed variants. Keeping product quality a top priority, we manufacture wooden and metal sheds with dip and pressure treatments. You can choose from groove, tongue, and overlap wooden sheds per your budget and garden size.

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  • Pent Garden Bar 6x4 Tongue and Groove
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  • Wooden Overlap Shed 6x8 Windowless PT
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  • Overlap 10x6 Gabled Shed Windowed Double Doo
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  • Standard Apex Overlap 4x6 Shed
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  • Wooden Garden Bench Seat with Roof 4x2 Pressure Treated
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  • Standard Shed 4x6 Apex Shiplap Tongue and Groove
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Showing 1–24 of 70 results

We care for your home décor needs with a decent variety of garden furniture and storage utilities. Our garden buildings can improvise the beauty of small, medium, and large-sized garden spaces. These are a perfect combination for our wooden sheds. The expansive size diversity of our garden furniture lets you find the best place for everything you have been struggling to store. Our intelligent products are a one-stop solution to make your outdoor spaces look neat and organized. Our dedicated manufacturing team performs quality checks of the wooden sheds at each stage, from design to packaging. We ensure easy order placement and in-time delivery through our trackable online purchase portal. Allow us to serve you our high-quality products at the most affordable prices! 

Can you insulate a wooden shed?

You can insulate a wooden shed to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space. Your shed should be dry and waterproof, and seal any gaps where there is a draft. Here is what you need to know about insulating your wooden shed:

Materials to use: You can use many different materials to insulate your garden shed, including fibreglass batts, spray foam and Celotex. Each material has its individual advantages when it comes to cost, performance and installation process.

Air Sealing: Before starting the insulation process, check for air gaps. Caulking gaps, weatherstripping and checking windows and doors are sealed tightly will help prevent air drafts and keep your shed energy efficient.

Vapour Barrier: Consider installing a vapour barrier to stop moisture build-up and condensation within your garden shed. This should be placed on the warmest side of the shed to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the insulation.

If your shed is being used as a workshop or a home office, it will need to be well-insulated. We always recommend consulting with our professionals for specific insulation recommendations depending on the design and use of your shed.

Timber and wooden garden sheds UK

Here at Aston Sheds, we only supply garden sheds from UK’s leading manufacturers. Our wide range of timber sheds covers all styles and sizes and is cost-effective. Plastic and Metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular. However, due to their reliability and cost, wooden sheds will always be the number one go-to for our customers.

Do i need a base for my wooden shed?

Having a base for your wooden shed is essential for performance and will drastically extend your shed’s life. Here is why a solid base is needed:

Stability: A firm base will keep your shed stable, structurally sound, and stand the test of time. Garden sheds can begin to lean and shrink if a reliable base is not placed beforehand, especially on soft and uneven ground.

Moisture protection: A solid base will keep your shed above ground, preventing moisture damage. Coming into contact with soil, especially if damp, will cause rot and decay. If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, without a base, your wooden shed will start to rot quickly.

Weight Distribution: Weight distribution is vital for any shed. This reduces the risk of sagging walls or floors. A solid surface will keep your wooden shed from warping.

Concrete or paving stone base: A concrete or paving base is the most common and effective way to keep your shed in tip-top condition. This requires preparation and ensuring the ground is level beforehand.

Pressure-treated timber base: You can create a base using pressure-treated timber beams to support your shed and keep it stable and above soil level.

A well-built base is an investment and should be carefully thought out. Providing a solid foundation will keep your shed sturdy and last for many years to come.

Tongue and groove garden sheds for sale

Tongue and groove sheds are high quality and very reliable. The 12mm thick timber boards will tightly seal your shed, preventing drafts and moisture build-up. This is an excellent option for a sturdy, long-lasting shed that will be used often.

Are timber sheds durable?

Aston Sheds offers a wide range of timber sheds, all of which are sturdy and reliable. All our sheds are pre-treated and will last for years to come. All of our wooden sheds come with a guarantee for peace of mind. Give our sales team a call today for more information.

What types of wooden sheds can i buy?

We offer a wide range of styles and sizes of wooden sheds. Here are some designs we have to offer:

Log Cabins: The perfect fit for creating a garden office or a workshop.

Summerhouses: Similar to a log cabin, summerhouses have multifunction uses. Great for the winter seasons or adding another room away from the house for privacy

Storage Shed: A standard storage shed is one of the most popular choices, the perfect storage solution for any garden.

Playhouses: A playhouse for the kids to run wild and have a private area away from the house for hours of fun and games. For a more mature approach, add a bar and a pool table, and you have a place for guests to come around and enjoy themselves.