Log Cabins

We know different people have different needs, so our range of log cabins may also be used as summerhouses, playhouses, or storage sheds. Use the space for social meetings, activities, relaxation places, or storage for garden furniture. The possibilities are endless. While the traditional wooden appearance is classic and suitable for most environments, we also commercialise log cabins in various colours, such as white and blue or shades of purple. Based on wood, they are easy to repaint as well.

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Log Cabins UK

At Aston Sheds, we offer traditional to modern and corner log cabins, ensuring all garden shapes and sizes are considered. Creating a garage out of your log cabin opens up many possibilities, from a space for hobbies to a storage space for all your tools and valuable items.

A log cabin is a big decision, and much thought and consideration come into play. It is important to plan well before making a decision. Size is the most critical consideration, as well as ensuring you have room for a base and space to walk around your garden easily. All the details you need are available on each product, including dimensions and material.

What is a log cabin?

A log Cabin is usually constructed from log boards which interlock, similar to a wooden shed but stronger. It is highly robust and crafted to perfection, improving the overall look of your garden. A log cabin can be used for almost anything, including a home gym, office, workshop or an outside bar. These bring endless entertainment and allow you to style how you see fit.

What are the main benefits of Log Cabins?

Creating a focal point: Log cabins have a rustic look that catches the eye. The solid logs add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere, creating a cosy and peaceful haven.

Durable and long-lasting: The logs used for cabins are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Log cabins are a long-term investment that can last many years.

Low maintenance: If you treat your log cabin correctly, maintaining it will be a breeze. Your log cabin will be resistant to decay and rot, providing you re-stain and seal it once a year to hold its beauty for the long term.

Sustainable: Log cabins are environmentally friendly, crafted from renewable materials and sourced from sustainable forests, reducing the carbon footprint.

Establish a deeper bond with Nature: Relaxation and a peaceful, tranquil environment go hand in hand with a log cabin. A retreat in your back garden to connect with nature can reduce stress levels.

Energy Efficient: Log cabins are very well insulated. The thermal mass of the logs helps keep an ambient temperature. You can keep cool on a hot summer’s day and warm on a cold winter’s night, reducing energy bills.

Investment Value: Log cabins are unique and appealing, grabbing buyers’ interest. Renters and holidaymakers will be drawn in to generate income when not in use.

Customise to your style: Log cabins can be customised to your needs, with many styles and sizes available to choose from.

Do I need a base for a log cabin?

Once you have decided where to place your log cabin, you will need a base in place beforehand. Log cabins are heavy and need to be placed or a level surface that is strong enough to hold it. A concrete base or flat, solid paving slabs would be the best option.

Another option is a plastic grid base. Its essential to level the ground to the best of your ability before placing the base down. Plastic bases are easier to install and are a better option for most homeowners.

What are the common uses of log cabins?

Log cabins, apart from their functional and aesthetic appeal have many uses, here are a few of the main uses of log cabins:

Hobby room: Create the perfect space for your hobbies or arts and crafts. A peaceful area for your creative juices to flow, whether painting, creating music or woodwork, a log cabin can offer a private space to clear your mind and start creating something special!

Home office: A dedicated workspace in your garden in this day in age is a perfect addition and becoming increasingly popular. A different environment away from distractions allowing you to focus on your work and meaningful projects, can make all the difference.

A home away from home: Create a guest house for friends and family or just an extra room away from the house for a change of scenery. This can also add value to your property and a chance to rent it out for some extra income.

Garden Gym: There is no excuse to miss a day when you have a gym at home. At Aston Sheds, we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your needs, ensuring you have enough space for all your gym equipment.

What styles are there to choose from?

There are many different styles of log cabins available at Aston Sheds. Regardless or your requirements, we will have the right match for you. Here are some popular styles:

Traditional Style: For a classic and rustic look, a traditional log cabin could be right for you. This design features a timeless look, stacked log walls, and a triangular roof.

Cornered Style: Corner log cabins are the best way to utilise space without compromising style or practicality. There are great for small or gardens with uncommon shapes.

Contemporary Style: For a sleek, minimalist design, contemporary log cabins are a perfect match. With clean lines, large windows and an open floor plan, you can keep the modern look of your garden.

Consulting with Aston Sheds can help you choose the right style and size for your outdoor space, get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.