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Your Ultimate Guide to Sheds

Nowadays, people are more aware of what they need in their home, and a good shed is one of them. A good shed will provide you with a wide range of uses. Choosing the right shed can be a hassle, so we have created an ultimate guide to sheds.

Shed Styles

Gable Roof: A Gable roof is a prevalent roof style for sheds and has two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, creating end walls with a triangular extension. This roof design can be built to allow for an attic or storage space above the central area of the shed. There are many variations of gable roofs, including box gables, Dutch gables, Georgian gables, and Victorian roofs.

Pent Roof: A pent roof has two sloping sides that meet at a ridge, but the end wall is not extended with a triangle in a Gable roof style. Pent roofs can be used to cover sheds, lean-tos and small extensions.

Lean-to Roof: A lean-to roof has only one sloping side, usually attached to another structure such as your home or garage. It’s best to have this style of shed professionally installed by our experienced team at Sheds Direct Ireland.

Gambrel Roof: The gambrel roof has two slopes on each side of the roof, similar to a Gable roof but the lower slope is steeper than the upper slope. This creates more headroom inside without increasing the overall height.

Choosing the Right Shed Style for You

A shed is a must-have if you want to make the most of your outdoor space. Sheds are available in many styles and materials, and knowing your options will help you find the right one for your home.

Think about how you’ll be using the shed. If you’re looking for storage space, consider a lean-to or garden shed; if you need an area to work on projects, look at barn-style sheds; and if you’d like a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, try a gazebo.

Once you’ve decided on the shed style that will work best for your backyard, consider several factors when choosing the right one, including size, material, and location.

Where Should I Put My Shed?

Thinking about this carefully before you start building is essential because it’s not always possible to move a shed later. Here are some of the things you need to think about before you decide where your shed will go:

Does it fit? It might sound silly, but this is often what trips people up. They’re excited about their new structure and want to get it built. But if you don’t think carefully about size and shape, you could end up with a building that doesn’t fit its site well. If the site has room for more than one shed size, look at them all and make sure they seem right for the spot. If there’s only room for one size, ensure one works well with its surroundings.


Measure the Width

Measure along one side of the area, note that measurement on paper, and then repeat on the other. The two measurements should be the same; if they are not, your area may not be wide enough for a shed of that size, or it may need to be adjusted slightly to fit properly. If you measure along with an irregular shape, measure each section individually and add them together at the end.

Measure the Length

Measure along one side of the area, note that measurement on a piece of paper, and then repeat from the other side to get two measurements (one from each side). If you measure irregularly shaped areas, measure each section individually but do not add them.

How to Decorate Your Garden Shed

Paint the Shed

If you want to give your garden shed a new look, then paint it with attractive colours. You can also add stencils and patterns to match the theme of your garden or surroundings. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can do some DIY projects like adding wooden letters or making fake flowers out of paper.

Go Green

Plant herbs and vegetables on the roof or hang them on the walls of your shed. After doing all that gardening outside, you will feel less guilty about taking a break inside your little oasis. Plus, the aroma of fresh herbs will surely relax you after a hard day’s work.